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Day 1: June 26, 2018

Opening Remarks

Dr. Matthew Levinger, Director, National Security Studies Program, The Elliott School, GWU
Leland Kruvant, CEO, Creative Associates International

Plenary Keynote: Reflections on/Introducing the Stabilization Assistance Review

Raphael Carland, Managing Director for Policy, Office of U.S Foreign Assistance (DOS/F)
Jason Ladnier, Director, Office of Partnerships, Strategy, and Communications (DOS/CSO)
Stephen Lennon, Director (USAID/OTI)
Mark Swayne, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Stability and Humanitarian Affairs, SOLIC Policy (DOD/OSD)
Moderator: Cameron M. Chisholm, Vice President, Creative Learning; Founder, IPSI

Plenary: Multilateral and Bilateral Approaches to Stabilization

Peter McDermott, Deputy Director, Stabilisation Unit, FCO
Moises Venancio, Regional Advisor, Iraq and Syria Crisis Countries, UNDP
Moderator: Kristen Cordell, Senior Advisor, (USAID/PPL) SAR Lead

Breakout Session 1

Perspectives from the Frontlines: Syria & Iraq

  • Linda Robinson, Senior Policy Researcher, RAND
  • Aya Aljamili, Al Jazeera
  • Katherine Krueger, Senior Advisor, Stabilization & Development, Creative Associates International
  • Moderator: Moises Venancio, Regional Advisor, Iraq and Syria Crisis Countries, UNDP

Security Sector Reform and Stabilization

  • Melissa Dalton, Senior Fellow & Deputy Director, International Security Program, CSIS
  • Dr. Stephen Watts, Senior Political Scientist, RAND
  • LTG Marc Caron (ret.), International Security Sector Advisory Team, DCAF
  • Moderator: Peter Quaranto, Senior Advisor for Peace and Security (DOS/F), SAR Lead

How do you Measure Success?*

  • Amb. Rick Barton, Lecturer, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University
  • Sarah Scarcelli, Deputy Director (DOS/CSO)
  • Michael Dziedzic, Vice President, Pax Advisory
  • Moderator: Dr. Jacob Shapiro, Co-Director, Empirical Studies of Conflict Project, Woodrow Wilson School,
    Princeton University
    *Due to technical difficulties, there is no video of this panel. 
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Breakout Session 2

Perspectives from the Frontlines: Ukraine

  • Oksana Shulyar, Deputy Chief of Mission, Minister-Counsellor
  • Ben Long, Country Representative, (USAID/OTI) Ukraine
  • LTC Jonathan Bleakley, 92nd Civil Affairs Battalion, Fort Bragg
  • Dr. Terrence Hopmann, Professor of International Relations, Conflict Management Program, John Hopkins SAIS
  • Moderator: Lauren L. Van Metre, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

Civil-Military Affairs & Expeditionary Diplomacy

  • BG Kimberly Field (ret.), Director, CVE, Creative Associates International
  • COL Tony Thacker, Chief, USCENTCOM, Interagency Action Group, Civil Affairs Operations Division
  • COL Charles Burnett, 95th Civil Affairs Brigade Commander, Fort Bragg
  • Jason Ladnier, Director, Office of Partnerships, Strategy, and Communications (DOS/CSO)
  • Moderator: Kevin Melton, Senior Civil-Military Transition Advisor, (USAID/OTI), SAR Contributing Writer

Transitioning War & Conflict to Peace & Stability

  • Frances Z. Brown, Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • Katherine Donahue, Acting Chief for Program Learning & Innovation (USAID/OTI)
  • Ciara Knudsen, Policy Planning Staff, Office of the Secretary (DOS)
  • COL Joe Holland, Chief, Stability and Humanitarian Engagement Division, J-5 Global Policy & Partnerships
  • Moderator: Kelly Uribe, Senior Policy Advisor, (OSD/SHA), SAR Lead

Plenary: How to Mobilize the SAR from CSOs & Implementors

Amb. Charles Ries, Vice President, International, RAND
Megan Doherty, Senior Director, Policy and Advocacy, Mercy Corps
Melanie Greenberg, President and CEO, Alliance for Peacebuilding
Moderator: Alexa Courtney, CEO, Frontier Design

Day 2: June 27, 2018

Opening Remarks

Carola Mandelbaum, CEO, Creative Learning
Peter Quaranto, Senior Advisory for Peace and Security (DOS/F), SAR Lead

Plenary: Multilateral Donors Response to Fragility & Conflict Prevention

Laurel Patterson, Senior Policy Advisor, Crisis, Fragility, and Resilience, UNDP
Chuck Call, Non-Resident Fellow, Brookings
Moderator: Dr. Daniel Serwer, Chair, Conflict Management Program, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS

Plenary: Perspectives from Capitol Hill on Stabilization & Importance of SAR

Mark Iozzi, Counsel, U.S House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee
Michael V. Phelan, Senior Professional Staff Member, Committee on Foreign Relations, U.S. Senate (invited)
Laura Strawmyer, Policy and Advocacy Manager, Alliance for Peacebuilding
Moderator: Dr. Patrick Quirk, Senior Policy Advisor (State/CSO), SAR Lead

Breakout Session 3

Perspectives from the Frontlines: Lake Chad Basin

  • Amb. Dan Mozena, Senior Coordinator on Boko Haram, (DOS)
  • Shareef Khatib, Former Chief of Party, Creative Associates International, NRTI/NERI Project
  • Jeremy “Jez” Haslam, Senior Principal Global Practice Leader, Center for Secure and Stable States, DAI
  • Elizabeth Winger Shevock, Team Leader, West Africa, (USAID/OTI)
  • Moderator: Stacia George, Director, West and Central Africa and Haiti, Chemonics

Private Sector Role in Stabilization

  • Howard R. Lind, President, International Stability Operations Association
  • Jim Hake, CEO, Spirit of America
  • Earl Gast, Senior Vice President, Creative Associates International
  • Moderator: Harry Bader, Acting Executive Director, U.S. Global Development Lab, (USAID)

Justice Sector Reform & Stabilization

  • Julie Werbel, Senior Advisor, (USAID-CVE)
  • Andy Michels, Former Senior Security Sector and Rule of Law Advisor, (USAID)
  • Greg Ducot, Deputy Director, ICITAP
  • Amy Coletta Kirshner, Acting Director, Office of Africa and Middle East Programs, State/INL
  • Moderator: Jenny Murphy, Senior Rule of Law Advisor, Creative Associates International

Breakout Session 4

Perspectives from the Frontlines: Success & Failures of JSOTF-Philippines

  • Justin Richmond, Executive Director, Impl.
  • Dr. Joseph Felter, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for South and Southeast Asia (DOD)
  • Arjun Jain, Senior Advisor, UNHCR Philippines & South Asia
  • Moderator: Rebecca Zimmerman, Policy Researcher, RAND

Integrated Education & Training for Stabilization

  • COL William Flavin, (Ret.) Assistant Director, PKSOI
  • LTC Arnel David, COS, Army Future Studies Group
  • Angela Kochukudy, Foreign Affairs Officer, (DOS/CSO)
  • Moderator: COL John Agoglia, (Ret.) Director, Trinity Planning & Investments

Peacebuilding Perspectives on Stabilization Implementation

  • Charles “Chic” Dambach, CEO, Operation Respect
  • Dr. Matthew Levinger, Director, National Security Studies Program, The Elliott School, GWU
  • Bridget Burke, Director, West Africa and Haiti Region, Chemonics International
  • Moderator: Dr. Johanna Mendelson Forman, Senior Advisor, Stimson Center

Keynote Address: Defense Support to Stabilization

Lt. Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr., Deputy Commander, U.S. CENTCOM
Introduction: Tine Knott, Vice President, Center for Secure and Stable States, DAI

Plenary: Conflict Prevention: Getting Ahead of the Curve

Corrine Graff, Senior Policy Scholar, USIP
Tine Knott, Vice President, Center for Secure and Stable States, DAI
Chuck Call, Non-Resident Fellow, Brookings
Kate Somvongsiri, Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator, (USAID/DCHA)
Moderator: Paul Stares, Director, Center for Preventive Action, Council on Foreign Relations

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